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Device Dead When Read EMMC

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  • Device Dead When Read EMMC

    When I Read EMMC from a working device reading Successfully.

    But Working device is Dead, WHY ?

    I will try this devices

    1. Motorola E XT-1022

    2. HTC One M8

    3. Samsung J2

    This is Denger Problem, Bcoz Support Forum has not any Flash File or Tutorial.
    When I not read emmc then next time i not repair any dead device Bcoz we have not Emmc File Or Support not give us EMMC Files.

    Plz Help & Fully Support EMMC section...!

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    First of all ! What exactly You try doing ? Read dump from eMMC directly ? or read dump via device ? How You supply power to device ?
    If You attach any screenshot it would be much easier for everyone who could help You !

    Wysłane z mojego SM-G900F przy użyciu Tapatalka