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RIFF Box 2 Probing Issues

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  • RIFF Box 2 Probing Issues

    I am attempting to use my RIFF Box 2 probe feature to probe for JTAG taps on phone; however, probe screen is all messed up. See attached images. The probe feature will not work using a white RIFF Box 2 with version 1.62.

    If i use my original Riff box 1, the probe window and probe function works as designed with version 1.62.
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    Can You please post OS version and screen resolution details.
    This has something to do with autofit options in exe graphic interface.
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      First laptop computer running Window 7 / 64bit
      Display adapter: Nvidia GForce GT330M
      Resolution: 1600x900

      Garbled probe display window only occurs with Riff Box 2 plugged in.
      Riff Box 1 works / displays as designed. See attached images.

      Second laptop also has same issue. Riff box 2 has garbled probe display window while Riff box 1 probe display window just fine.
      OS: Windows 7 / 32bit
      Display adapter: GForce 9600M GT
      Resolution: 1440x900
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        Ok, thank You.
        With RIFF 2 even measured values show nonsense. This will be passed to developer.
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        QQ: 1634811353


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          Hi !

          Have this same probing issue on Windows 7 64bit !


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            i am email and password for gated


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              Search jtag riff2 pin doesn't work
              I have the same problem as you have solved it.


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                I had purchase Riff Box V2 as shall be better version.... As was happy as h*** when was owner of Riff box 1 coz of JTAG pinfinder feature which help a lot.... Riff 2 seems to be more for DIY repair pack but without working JTAG pinfinder ?

                I never even think like that.... but Mr. Legija or prepare proper big update (as gave great tool to hands) or a bit "burned" with passion/profession..

                Really BIG BIG "-" for Riff V2 and my wallet ...coz used few times last months...

                easy jtag (z3x team) is on the way with delivery.. need compare what is better investition

                Wysłane z mojego SM-G900F przy użyciu Tapatalka