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    I've read lots of things about the Android TV box. But I still have some confusion. I'm using non-smart TV. If I purchase an Android TV box, can I download Android games available in the play store on my TV? Do I need to connect the Android TV box to a Wi-Fi connection or does it work as a regular receiver?

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    If you buy an Android TV box, you can download games, applications, whatever you want. To be able to use your TV box, your TV has to have one of display connection already available on your Android TV Box: HDMI, VGA or whatever. Your dumb TV will act as a display-monitor for your Android box.
    However, depending on which Android TV box brand (device type) you bought, there will be some limitations: not all applications are 100% supported by Android TV Box OP.
    There are hundreds of devices to buy, every device comes with its own interface, the capability to handle various applications.
    Good luck!


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