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how to recover photo-video from emmc

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  • how to recover photo-video from emmc

    i recover contact from emmc and extract with easy jtag plus
    plese give me media directory and how to extract it
    thanxs a lot

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    1) Hey there. I still have this problem. So, any advice is welcome.


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      Thanks a lot for your help, man. I’ve found the video that helped me recover my photos. Here you can check . Btw, frames are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!
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        Hi, Sky000686868. I hope you’ve already solved your issue. Anyway, I had the same problem, and I know how to help you actually. There are a lot of videos on youtube on this topic now. So, it will take me more time to describe it here. That’s why you can just watch them and recover your data. Tbh, I hope you’ve already done it. I remember when I found Picture Frames Delivered and was eager to print some family photos to put them into the frame. And when the frame was delivered, I discovered that all of my photos were somehow erased. I was so sad about it, but then I recovered them luckily. So, just do some research on youtube.
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          Many people record tutorial videos on this topic. I think you can find the answer to your question there.


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            Unfortunately, I am not particularly competent in this. I think you should contact a qualified specialist in this field. I faced the same problem two weeks ago.